Atlanta Real Estate and Land Use Attorney

Real estate and land use laws are the cornerstone of commercial business in Atlanta and in every other large city in the United States. Business owners, corporations, government agencies, and real estate developers routinely rely on the statutes, regulations, and ordinances that govern real property matters as they conduct their day-to-day operations. In the state of Georgia, real estate and land use are covered under a broad umbrella of complex laws, court rulings, and legal principles that include zoning, permitting, dispute litigation, leasing and contracts, eminent domain, and many other concerns.

The sound, seasoned legal guidance that comes only from experience is imperative for those who have to deal with any of Georgia’s complex real estate and land use laws. An experienced Atlanta real estate attorney with Hecht Walker, P.C. will not only be considerably experienced in commercial real estate law but will also be committed to staying current regarding the always changing and evolving real estate and land use laws at the local, state, and federal levels. We represent clients who require help with a range of legal matters such as planning and land zoning matters, land usage issues, real estate transactions and many other related matters.

With more than a century in combined across-the-board legal experience, the attorneys at Hecht Walker, P.C. can offer our clients in Atlanta and throughout the state the comprehensive and sound legal advice they need to ensure that they remain in compliance with the laws that govern their businesses. The legal team at Hecht Walker, P.C. is proud to have played a role in their successes, and we continue to offer our clients the critical legal guidance that gives them the competitive advantages necessary for ongoing success now and in the years ahead.

Does Hecht Walker handle land use and lease transactions and litigation?

Yes, we do. In fact, many of our clients rely on our legal guidance for a range of building, construction and real estate projects including matters related to the client’s zoning, permitting, lease litigation, and drafting needs. Hecht Walker, P.C. is also one of the few legal firms in the metro Atlanta area that offers commercial foreclosure and confirmation services and quiet title actions. Our attorneys routinely prepare the necessary legal documents associated with commercial liens, commercial property tax appeals in Atlanta, and property tax exemption litigation related to bond financing or local government entity ownership and leaseback transactions.

Does Hecht Walker, P.C. handle commercial landlord-tenant and lease litigation?

The Atlanta business attorneys at Hecht Walker, P.C. bring to the table considerable experience in landlord-tenant lease litigation and avoidance issues. Our clients also rely on our extensive knowledge of and experience in property management, real estate, and broker laws throughout the state of Georgia. The Hecht Walker, P.C. legal team is comprised of experienced negotiators who will work tirelessly to resolve real estate issues through out-of-court negotiations, but when mediation does not produce a satisfactory legal agreement, our team of lawyers and support staff will aggressively defend and pursue relief in the courts on behalf of our clients.

Can Hecht Walker, P.C. provide legal advice for zoning and permitting in commercial real estate matters?

Absolutely. An experienced Atlanta real estate attorney at Hecht Walker, P.C. can offer extensive zoning and permitting assistance to help our clients achieve their goals and bypass many of the legal challenges that are inherently a part of commercial real estate operations and transactions. Our decades of experience provide benefits to our clients in the metro Atlanta area and across the state of Georgia – every day.

Atlanta Real Estate and Land Use Attorney

Can a Hecht Walker, P.C. attorney help enforce the terms of a commercial lease?

Yes, we can. In most cases, there will be several options for a client to consider. Together, we can work to determine which legal avenue is best for the needs related to the specific performance or breach of lease provisions. If necessary, a Hecht Walker, P.C. real estate attorney can seek a writ of possession to regain the property.

There are also instances when a legal action known as “piercing the corporate veil” is the best approach. In these instances, a tenant can be investigated when there are concerns that he or she may have transferred assets away from the company in a furtive effort to avoid maintaining lease payment obligations. Not only do we recognize the tell-tale signs common to fraudulent conveyance claims, alter ego claims, and fraud from potential misrepresentations by a tenant, but we will also provide the vigorous legal representation that’s necessary to ensure full legal protection to our clients and their real estate holdings. Our extensive experience and refined legal practices mean we can get exceptional results for many of our clients.

For example, in one case for a multi-billion-dollar commercial property owner, we sued more than eighteen different companies and three individuals to pierce the corporate veil, a legal move that subsequently allowed us to follow the wire transfers out of the company. Despite the efforts of these companies and individuals to avoid their financial obligations, we were able to secure a judgment for our client that protected his multi-million-dollar lease.

Hecht Walker, P.C. works for commercial tenants, for landlords, and for property managers. Our legal team can enforce tenant rights to ensure proper build-outs while also ensuring a fair sum is being charged in relation to common area maintenance fees. This helps to avoid any confusion and any unfair overcharges. Furthermore, we enforce comparable space relocation provisions and quiet enjoyment provisions of the lease. Our attorneys litigate lease rights for tenants as well as for landlords and property managers. Our team of Atlanta real estate and land use lawyers at Hecht Walker, P.C. is ready to protect your rights, too.

Does Hecht Walker, P.C. assist clients in relation to regulatory takings?

Yes. Hecht Walker, P.C.’s legal team works on regulatory taking matters. We can pursue both eminent domains as well as condemnation resolutions and litigation on your behalf.

Can Hecht Walker help my company stay out of court?

In most cases, the answer is simply yes. Whether you lead a bank, are responsible for a large corporation, or own a small business, there is a single common denominator that we all share: the need for a good reputation. Unnecessary court proceedings, even when you prevail, can damage your organization’s image. The priority at Hecht Walker, P.C. is always to find appropriate and satisfactory legal remedies outside of the courtroom. While mediation is usually successful, when it’s not, the seasoned trial lawyers at Hecht Walker, P.C. stand ready to do what’s necessary for our clients in a courtroom setting. We will fight to get you the best possible outcome for your case.

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This information was posted on 08-31-2016 and does not constitute legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. The law changes on a daily basis, and the reader should engage an attorney through a written agreement before taking action in this area of the law.