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Local government representation is important, and it’s not always easy to find qualified professionals sensitive to the nature of this type of counsel. Many government bodies keep in house representation on staff, but others don’t which gives rise to the need for local government attorneys. Often times, government officials or city workers find themselves in need of strong representation to save a career or even a livelihood. Authorities and city employees often find themselves in situations where they need strong defense against civil actions that could have devastating effects on the course of their lives. The attorneys at Hecht Walker, P.C. have been representing the local government agencies in Georgia and its employees for more than two decades. With decades of collective experience in local government law, we offer strong representation for a diverse range of cases involving entire counties, cities, local authorities, individual mayors, and even city council or town government board and committee members.

What type of representation does Hecht Walker, P.C. offer to government officials?

At the law offices of Hecht Walker, P.C., our attorneys represent state and local government bodies and employees who are confronting a complicated transaction or litigation process. We have extensive experience defending elected and formerly elected officials against ethics violations and criminal charges. These type of charges can have devastating effects on individuals, their families, and even the government bodies they work for. If policies are not followed or an accident occurs in local government, Hecht Walker, P.C. is always happy to assist as chief litigation counsel or even litigation coordinating counsel. The service they offer satisfies the needs of the local government bodies in many different capacities.

What type of experience qualifies Hecht Walker, P.C. to represent government bodies?

The experience of the attorneys at Hecht Walker, P.C. encompasses a broad range and variety of qualifications. This includes the experience of working as a State Representative and a State Senator. During this time, the individual(s) worked to file and pass local legislation and worked with state departments, including the General Assembly. This attorney also worked previously as a County Staff Attorney advising and representing nearly every department in the County. Hecht Walker, P.C. has acted as successful lead counsel in over 400 trials and 1,000 hearings. The firm has also prepared numerous ordinances, proclamations, and employment law policies for local governments. Additionally, they have authored comprehensive revisions of ordinances, codes, and regulations. With this experience in mind, the attorneys at Hecht Walker, P.C. are incredibly knowledgeable as to the dynamics involved with the representation of government bodies and employees.

What is the most important aspect of the legal representation of government bodies?

One of the most important aspects of government representation that is commonly understated or overlooked is liability prevention. Cities, counties, and authorities need strong guidance to help them steer clear of potential liabilities and risks. The attorneys at Hecht Walker, P.C. have decades of experience drafting policies and publications which work to protect local governments while helping to promote practices that will ensure economic growth and development. The policies drafted by the firm offer protection while allowing government bodies to take advantage of economic opportunities for growth through zoning, tax increment financing, code enforcement, tax allocation districts and so much more. If a dispute or conflict does arise, it can often be put to rest before charges are filed. The attorneys at Hecht Walker, P.C. have extensive experience in mediation and arbitration as well. They are charismatic negotiators that can frequently resolve even hostile disputes without the need for litigation. This is one law firm that favors efficient alternative dispute resolution and early planning to avoid liabilities and offer effective counsel to cities, authorities, and local governments.

Which local government bodies have you represented in the past?

Hecht Walker, P.C. has provided legal services, counsel, and/or representation to the governments of Clayton County, Henry County, the City of East Point, the City of Lovejoy, the City of College Park, the City of Hampton, the City of Hapeville, the City of Morrow, Lake City, and so many others. They have also represented several local government authorities including College Park Business and Industrial Development Authority, the Morrow Downtown Development Authority, the Clayton County Housing Authority, and the Clayton County Water Authority. The attorneys at Hecht Walker, P.C. have been privileged to serve and advise numerous elected officials and other public officers, as well as public employees. They have also represented and/or advised other governmental boards and bodies in public meetings and executive sessions on a wide variety of subjects. The subjects range in matters from parliamentary procedures to pending litigation and updates on recent decisions from the United States Supreme Court.

Effective, Efficient Government Representation

The successful representation of governmental agencies, government bodies, authorities, and employees takes both knowledge, and extensive experience. Legal counsel and liability prevention are crucial for ensuring effective representation. The dynamics of this specialized service requires fortitude, proficiency, and cautious discernment to offer superior service. The attorneys at Hecht Walker, P.C. are not only well versed in the industry with a plethora of experience, they strive to maintain the administrative relationships necessary to gain the competitive edge for their clients. With a proven track record of success and extensive knowledge of the laws in place, Hecht Walker, P.C. is proud to represent and advise local government bodies and their employees.

Atlanta Local Government Attorneys

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