Atlanta Business Litigation Attorney

Business litigation is not something any organization wishes to pursue; unfortunately, there are times when conflicts arise in business dealings. An Atlanta business litigation attorney at Hecht Walker, P.C. has experience serving as a lead counsel. He or she has also represented many individuals and large companies. Our attorneys are experienced in these matters and prepared to represent clients until the legal issue is resolved.

How can a business litigation lawyer help me?

Our business litigation lawyers advise clients on ways to protect their businesses and their families from future liabilities. Once the need for litigation arises, we work with clients to counsel them on the potential remedies and strategies on how to accomplish a resolution. If a speedy resolution is not possible, they aggressively pursue the available options, handling the case in a manner that serves to protect their clients’ interests.

Our clients represent nearly every business sector. Our Atlanta attorneys have extensive experience providing these industries with the type of legal guidance that can change everything and ensure a better outcome. A few of these representations have dealt in matters such as:

  • Breach of Contract Actions;
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims;
  • Business Torts;
  • Partnership Disagreements;
  • Business Divorces;
  • Bad Faith Insurance Litigation;
  • Regulatory Investigations and Litigation;
  • Challenging Covenant and Trade Secret Exposures;
  • Commercial Insurance Disputes;
  • Pursuit of Claims for Creditors in Bankruptcy Proceedings;
  • Fraudulent Conveyance Actions;
  • Employment Matters;
  • Overtime Matters;
  • FMLA Disputes;
  • Discrimination Claims;
  • EEOC Matters;
  • Real Estate Contract Litigation;
  • Wrongful Foreclosure Matters;
  • Breach of Warranty Disputes;
  • Commercial Property Tax Appeals;
  • Lien Litigation;
  • Quiet Title Actions;
  • Development Matters; and
  • Builder Matters.

Is business litigation the only option?

Prior to litigation, our business attorneys will explore with their clients and then emphasize potential alternatives in order to save time and attorneys’ fees before the trial stage. We have successfully represented clients in hundreds of alternative dispute resolution methods, including negotiation, arbitration and mediation processes. We do our best to consider every element of a dispute and then use that to negotiate a settlement whenever possible in order to protect our clients and their assets.

If litigation appears to be the only option, we explore the repercussions and potential long-term impacts and considerations with our clients. Protecting your business will always be a need that you need to address. Our experienced lawyers work with clients in order to devise a strategy that addresses both short term and long term goals. In the event of a trial, clients have come to rely on the confident representation of our experienced trial lawyers.

Atlanta Business Litigation Attorney

Partner, Shareholder and Member Disputes

Every day, partners, shareholders, or members in a company will have differences of opinion on how to deal with a business event or how to manage their business.

Often, a member of a limited liability company, manager or partner in a partnership may exercise his or her power in a manner that violates the operating or partnership agreement or its by-laws He or she may take assets which belong to the company or partnership and may violate the rights of the other member. Funds may be wired outside of the company for non-business purposes. Only one partner will be named on the business account. A member decides to conduct a side business that competes with YOUR business.

When these actions occur, our firm will analyze the operative agreements and apply the statutes at issue and work to protect your rights. A lawsuit for breach of fiduciary duty or usurpation of corporate assets may be the proper remedy. Enforcement of a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement may be in order or a defense for a member or partner’s rights to take certain actions may be questioned. Whatever the issue, clients are made aware of the options, and then action is taken to aggressively pursue and ensure the client’s rights. By contacting an Atlanta business litigation attorney, you are putting yourself in a better position to acheive legal success.

Finances and Investments

One of the more disconcerting areas of business is found in investments. Every business day, the world’s business unfolds on the New York Stock Exchange. Many are understandably concerned about their finances and investments now more than ever. With so many uncertainties relating to national and global news and the breaking business news stories that can hit our inboxes many times a day, no one in business can afford to underestimate the consequences of having no plan.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Besides financial investmens, one of the biggest strains that are often felt between business partners is a breach of fiduciary duty. If any partner fails to meet his obligations and show commitment to his partners and their shared business, it can present challenges that can greatly affect the success of that business. If you are looking to prevent further violations and collect damages, then business litigation may be your only option. Although any attorney can help, an Atlanta business litigation attorney understands the state laws governing your case. He or she can handle any business litigation disputes that may arise in your career.

Insurance Disputes? An Atlanta Business Litigation Attorney Is Here to Help

Many business litigation suits revolve around commercial insurance disputes. The challenges are many and the laws are complex. Particularly at risk are small businesses which can find it difficult to recover after a substantial loss. It creates problems in trying to recover their losses should business litigation be the only option they have. Insurance companies may attempt to avoid full financial responsibility and can attempt to bypass paying a legitimate claim, or even avoid paying it at all. At some point, the action may constitute a bad faith denial of coverage. If you have such a situation, Hecht Walker, P.C. can help clients assert their rights. You should notify the Insurance Commisioner of Georgia and pursue these rights. An Atlanta business litigation attorney can help you coordinate a strategy that produces a positive legal result.

Along with commercial insurance disputes, there are countless other areas in which businesses may have a need for litigation. When business disputes occur between a business and an individual or between two business entities, resolution without resorting to business litigation is always the preferred solution for all parties. It’s just not always an option. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Hecht Walker, P.C.’s legal team leverages their extensive experience in efforts to find a favorable resolution to your case. We aggressively protect our clients’ rights and their company’s business interests, from business disputes and contract disputes, to mediation, litigation and court cases. We place a great emphasis on communication and strategy as we resolve your case. Contact our law firm today by calling (404) 948-6434.


This information was posted on 08-23-2016 and does not constitute legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. The law changes on a daily basis, and the reader should engage an attorney through a written agreement before taking action in this area of the law.