Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

What Can Mediation, Arbitration and Special Master Services Do for You?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) allows you to try or resolve a civil matter without going to court and in an expedited and often more efficient manner. Arbitration, one ADR option, can be a quicker, potentially cost-effective alternative to taking your dispute or legal issue to court. In this system, the arbitrator(s) will rule on your case in a similar manner to a judge. Mediation is less adversarial and provides the opportunity to resolve legal matters outside of the courts. Unlike an arbitrator, a mediator facilitates a resolution and does not issue a ruling.

At Hecht Walker, P.C., we provide comprehensive alternative dispute resolution services. We have a team of registered mediators, arbitrators and special masters who can assist you for your ADR needs.

Honorable Matthew Simmons
Attorney Mary House
Attorney Greg Hecht
Attorney Mark Walker
Attorney Cary Ichter
Attorney Jon Jordan
Attorney Aaron Chausmer
Attorney Kirby Glaze

What Is Mediation?

Legal disputes can be costly, stressful and time-consuming. While going to court is always an option, mediation provides you with an opportunity to resolve a dispute in a more cooperative process. Mediation can be used to resolve a wide range of different issues, including business disputes, real estate disputes, employment disputes, class action matters, wrongful death, personal injury, divorces, and family law matters. Mediation is widely favored due to its affordability, since you are less likely to incur significant legal fees.

In mediation, a neutral third party mediator facilitates negotiations and the exchange of information between the parties. The mediator does not have the power to issue a binding decision or verdict on the matter in dispute. Instead, his or her goal is to help both sides reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Many also prefer the fact that mediation can lead to a prompter resolution without having to wait months for a court date. Others find mediation appealing because of the fact that it is more cooperative, thereby giving the participants an opportunity to arrive at a compromise or agreement.

What Is Arbitration?

A legal dispute can get extremely contentious, often resulting in delays, setbacks, and general inconvenience. Additionally, legal fees can become expensive as your lawyer is forced to litigate through massive discovery battles, motions practice and trial. If you just cannot arrive at a resolution to your civil matter, then arbitration can be useful. Arbitration allows you to try a civil matter without going to court – in an expedited and often more efficient manner. Unlike a mediator, the arbitrator fulfills a similar role to a traditional judge, and issues a decision to settle your dispute.

Arbitration serves as a straightforward approach to getting to a decision. In fact, many companies include arbitration provisions in their contracts or terms of service, indicating that any and all disputes must be addressed via arbitration.

What Are Special Masters?

A special master is a legal professional appointed by the court who works under a judge to ensure that the court’s judicial orders are followed, to make recommendations to the court in discovery disputes, or to serve as a presiding officer in quiet title matters. Special masters may assist with settlements in large-scale tort litigation cases and in certain other matters as assigned by the court.

A special master may be assigned to hear testimony and evidence on behalf of the judge in cases involving a large volume of evidence or in cases where the court hears a tremendous amount of testimony. Once the evidence is presented, the special master may make a recommendation on how the case may be decided or on how a particular motion may be determined. The judge reviews these findings and recommendations, and may adopt the report in full, partially, or make a different decision altogether.

While special masters have been a staple in quiet title matters for a long time, they have become more important throughout the U.S. legal system in the last ten years. As cases become more complex and discovery becomes more intense through electronic means, the need for special masters has increased.

The Hecht Walker, P.C. Alternative Dispute Resolution Team

Hecht Walker, P.C. is pleased to provide comprehensive Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services in addition to our legal services. Our team of registered mediators, arbitrators and special masters can assist with alternative dispute resolution needs.

Honorable Matthew O. Simmons

The Honorable Matthew “Matt” Simmons serves as a mediator and can also serve as an arbitrator and special master. He served as a Superior Court Judge for the Clayton Judicial Circuit for twenty-four years, as the Chief Superior Court Judge for four years, as the Sixth District Administrative Judge for two years and as a member of the Judicial Council of Georgia for two years. Judge Simmons has presided over a wide variety of civil cases, including torts, contract disputes, real property disputes, business disputes, tax appeals, estates, family law, personal injury, and wrongful death cases.

Judge Simmons earned his bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Georgia, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1976. He graduated cum laude from the University of Georgia School of Law in 1979, where he wrote for the Georgia Law Review and was a member of the Order of the Coif. Judge Simmons also earned an LL.M. in Taxation from Emory University in 1982. He currently serves as a senior judge, and he is available to serve as a mediator or special master through Hecht Walker, P.C.

To learn more about Judge Simmons, visit his profile.

Mary M. House

Mary M. House has been practicing law for over 27 years. She specializes in general civil litigation, including select domestic matters, personal injury and business-related cases. She also handles wills, probate disputes and contract work for her individual and business clients. Along with her considerable civil litigation and general practice experience, since 2007, she has been certified by the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution as an arbitrator and mediator in general civil matters and domestic disputes.

Ms. House assists parties who need mediation for personal injury, probate, and business matters. She also mediates family law matters such as divorce, spousal support agreements, child support and child custody agreements, and other civil matters. Ms. House earned her B.A. degree from Emory University in 1983. In 1987, she graduated in the top twenty percent of her class from the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University. Mary is available to serve as a mediator, arbitrator or special master through Hecht Walker, P.C.

To learn more about Mary M. House, visit her profile.

Greg K. Hecht

Greg K. Hecht, a partner at Hecht Walker, P.C., is a registered mediator and a registered arbitrator who has served as the lead counsel in more than 300 trials, over 1000 hearings, and more than 100 mediations. For over 28 years, he has represented businesses, individuals, and local governments in litigated, arbitrated, and mediated matters. Mr. Hecht has been recognized as a Super Lawyer, as Legal Elite by his peers for multiple years in Georgia Trend Magazine, and as a Top 100 attorneys in his field by International Who’s Who.

Greg served as a State Senator and as a State Representative in the Georgia General Assembly for a number of years. He was his party’s nominee in 2014 for Attorney General of the State of Georgia. Mr. Hecht earned his undergraduate degree in 1985 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and he earned his J.D. in 1988 from the University of Georgia School of Law. He has received the Gideon’s Trumpet Award, the “Speak Up for Children” Legislative Award, and the Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Professionalism Commission’s Community Service Award. Greg is available to serve as a mediator, arbitrator or special master through Hecht Walker, P.C.

To learn more about Greg Hecht, visit his profile.

Mark Walker

Mark Walker, a partner at Hecht Walker, P.C., is a special master and commercial litigator. As an attorney for over 28 years, Mark has represented businesses, banks, creditors, lenders, landlords, financial institutions, families and individuals in the Metro Atlanta Region and South of Metro Atlanta in commercial foreclosures, lender liability matters, and bankruptcy proceedings. Mr. Walker often represents parties related to loan note and guaranty obligations in commercial litigation.

Mark has also represented a number of lenders and creditors in federal bankruptcy courts and has authored a number of articles describing the commercial foreclosure process for the State Bar of Georgia. Mr. Walker earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Valdosta State University in 1983 and his Juris Doctorate from the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University in 1987. Mr. Walker is also a frequent Continuing Legal Education speaker. Mark is available to serve as a special master through Hecht Walker, P.C.

To learn more about Mark Walker explore his profile.

Cary Ichter

Cary Ichter is an attorney, special master, mediator and has served as the president of the Academy of Court Appointed Masters from 2015 to 2017. He has been appointed to act as a Special Master in complex commercial matters, mass tort and class action cases, construction disputes, legal malpractice claims, intellectual property disputes, trade secret cases, and disputes among business partners. Mr. Ichter has been the lead counsel in more than 50 jury trials and has served as a mediator and as a Court Appointed Special Master since 2005. Cary Ichter has been named among the Best Lawyers in America and as a Georgia Super Lawyer. Cary has been an attorney for over 30 years. Cary is available to serve as a special master or mediator* through Hecht Walker, P.C.

Learn more about Cary Ichter by visiting his profile.

Jon Jordan

Jon Jordan, a Partner at Hecht Walker, P.C., is available to serve as a special master. As an attorney, Jon has concentrated his practice on land use, permitting and zoning matters, international arbitration, real property disputes, contract disputes, in commercial landlord-tenant matters, quiet title matters, local government issues, commercial property tax disputes, foreclosure issues, business disputes and in local government disputes.

Prior to practicing law, Mr. Jordan spent four years on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Aid to United States Senator Arlen Spector. Mr. Jordan attended Temple University School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Jordan was also selected for the Presidential Management Fellows Program. Mr. Jordan is available to serve as a special master through Hecht Walker, P.C.

To learn more about Jon Jordan, visit his profile.

Aaron Chausmer

Aaron Chausmer, a Senior Counsel Attorney at Hecht Walker, P.C., is a registered arbitrator. Aaron has concentrated his practice on business, guaranty, labor, contract, non-compete, corporate matters and employment matters. His arbitration practice is also particularly well-suited to handle restrictive covenants, business divorces, and trade secret matters where confidentiality is a priority and parties do not want issues addressed or resolved publicly. Mr. Chausmer has been handling business litigation and corporate governance issues for 17 years. He earned his undergraduate degree from Emory University and his Juris Doctorate from Boston University Law School. Mr. Chausmer is also a frequent Continuing Legal Education speaker. Mr. Chausmer is available to serve as a registered arbitrator through Hecht Walker, P.C.

To learn more about Aaron Chausmer, visit his profile.

Kirby Glaze

Kirby Glaze has represented governments and businesses for the last 40 years. He specializes in cases involving bond issues, financial matters, development and construction planning, and oversight for public-private ventures.

Mr. Glaze has extensive public-private project management experience and has been a part of projects involving revitalization, housing developments, and civic centers. Throughout his career, Mr. Glaze has been recognized for his superb work in the community by the University of Georgia, Georgia Downtown Association, Georgia Municipal Association, Department of Community Affairs. His work has benefitted major governmental entities, including the College Park Housing Authority, Hapeville Development Authority, and local governments of Clarkesville, Monroe, Springfield, and more. Mr. Glaze is available to serve as a mediator* and special master through Hecht Walker, P.C.

To learn more about Kirby Glaze, visit his profile.

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The attorneys at Hecht Walker, P.C. understand that many cases should never be taken to trial but should instead be resolved swiftly to save time and money and avoid needless aggravation and stress. Resolving these cases can often take a different approach than litigation in court. Alternative dispute resolution can be just such an option, enabling less contentious negotiations, costing less than going to court and taking less time to reach a conclusion.

Hecht Walker, P.C. offers you experienced registered arbitrators, registered mediators, and special masters who can facilitate your alternative dispute resolution needs. For Assistance with your (ADR) Mediation, Arbitration and Special Master Service needs, please contact us by phone: (404) 348-4881 or contact us online.

(*Mr. Ichter has mediated cases, but he is not a registered mediator. Mr. Glaze is not a registered mediator.)