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Hecht Walker, P.C. practices in a wide range of legal areas so that we can best serve your needs as a business owner. We handle real estate litigation, business breakups, re-zonings, special use permits, employment matters, banking matters, commercial property tax appeals and international arbitration. Additionally, we often represent cities, counties and local government authorities in a wide variety of cases and disputes. Together, our attorneys have over 100 years of experience and have acted as lead counsel in over 300 trials and 1000 hearings. If you need qualified attorneys with experience in any of the practice areas listed below, then please contact us today.

Business and Real Estate Law in Atlanta

Georgia has a complex web of business laws, real estate regulations and land use codes. These codes can turn something that seems like a simple land transaction into a complex legal affair. It can get even more complicated if you are having a dispute over leases, zoning or property taxes. Businesses also face an even more complex set of rules that require planning and experience to handle properly. These difficulties can be addressed by an Atlanta real estate law firm that has experience with private land use issues as well as complicated commercial real estate litigation. Hecht Walker, P.C. has experience handling cases involving:

  • Business and Commercial Litigation – Related to Contracts, Partnership Disputes, Shareholder Disputes, Fiduciary Obligations, Corporate Governance, Business Sales, Notes, Guaranties, and Transaction-Related Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation – Related to Leases, Development, Building, Zoning, Quiet Title, Permitting, Run-off, Loan, and Closing Litigation
  • Land Use – Re-Zonings, Condemnations, Inverse Condemnation, and Special Use Permit Representation
  • Commercial Foreclosures and Creditor Representation in Bankruptcy Courts
  • Commercial Fraud, Corporate Veil, and Fraudulent Conveyance Litigation
  • Commercial Property Tax Appeals – Taxpayer and Local Government Representation
  • General Counsel and Contract Drafting For Businesses, Individuals and Families
  • Employment Litigation and Employment Law for Employers – Overtime, Sexual Harassment, Age, Race, National Origin and Gender Discrimination, Family and Medical Leave, and Drafting of Employment Handbooks and Non-Compete Agreements
  • Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements – Drafting, Review and Litigation related to the same

Local Government and Authority Representation

Another complex area of the law includes dealing with governmental functions and employees. Representation can become an issue in city council meetings, when facing allegations of civil rights violations and when people’s careers hang on governmental procedure. Every county, city and local government authority has different ordinances and regulations that must be followed. To addresses these local rules, a person must do deep research that can involve reviewing many records and documentation. In these moments, it helps to have previous experience to guide those searches—due to the elaborate nature of local code. Experience with these issues can help a case by providing direction that accounts for these regulations. Hecht Walker, P.C. has experience handling cases involving:

  • Local Government Litigation – Property Rights, Civil Service, Employment, Procedure and 42 USC 1983 Litigation
  • General Counsel – Local Government Attorneys, County and City Meeting Attorney, Open Records and Open Meetings Compliance, Ordinance, Resolution and Contract Drafting, Bond Transactions, and Authority Representation
  • Authority Representation – Development, Water, Housing and Other Local Government Authorities

Commercial Lender and Creditor Representation

We represent banks, credit unions, lending groups and other creditors in commercial creditor representation, commercial foreclosures, confirmation actions and in lawsuits on notes and guarantees. Also, we represent creditors in bankruptcy court on their claims. We draft and negotiate workouts with commercial borrowers who are in default. In addition, we draft and file Chapter 11 cases for businesses needing a planned resolution. These types of disputes need experienced Atlanta business lawyers that have represented businesses and lenders in these disputes from this perspective. Hecht Walker, P.C. has experience handling cases involving:

  • Commercial Foreclosure Counsel – Process, Litigate and Ensure Proper Commercial Foreclosures and Documentation, Litigate Confirmation of Value and Bring Deficiency Action.
  • Creditor Representation in Civil Suit and in Federal Bankruptcy Court
  • Chapter 11 Filings – For Businesses in need of a planned and Court overseen resolution

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

The negligence of others can lead to suffering that many people just are not aware of. Medical bills, rehabilitation and loss of the ability to work are just a few of these problems. This is why personal injury law is so important. If these people do not receive damages and compensation from the people who have hurt them, then the resulting financial crisis they face could spell disaster. This is why Hecht Walker, P.C. also serves private citizens in injury cases:

  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death – Representation of Victims of Injuries and Families who have lost members of their family due to wrongful acts of other parties.

Representation of Public Officials and Attorneys

Our firm also represents public officials who are either appointed or elected to office or attorney in need of legal representation. Some of these individuals may suffer improper attacks, defamation, ethics complaints or be sued just because of their position. These individuals need strong representation. Hecht Walker has the worked with appointed and elected leaders in this state, and the firm is represented by a former State Senator and a former legislative aide to a U.S. Senator. We understand the difficulties that come with the office first hand.

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