Professional Sports In Atlanta

Posted by Hecht Walker, P.C.
Posted on November 14, 2013

Atlanta, GA is home to many sports teams and a city full of sports fans. The world of sports is an on-going and thriving industry and there is no end in sight. The city of Atlanta is home to 6 major team sports, professional franchises. They include:

Baseball (major league)

  • The Atlanta Braves

The NBA (National Football League male and female)

  • Atlanta Hawks, men

The NFL (National Football League male and female)

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Atlanta Dreams, women

Major League Soccer

  • Atlanta United FC
  • Atlanta Blaze, a professional lacrosse team

Other areas include:

  • NASCAR; The Atlanta Motor Speedway
  • Championship PGA Tour
  • World Championship Wrestling
  • Atlanta Blaze, pro lacrosse team

The city of Atlanta always has a open door policy for sporting events. Visitors are treated well as the city ensures they are safe and that the events are convenient, and there are plenty of wonderful accommodations. Annual events include the Peachtree Bowl and the Peachtree Roadrace.

Note: The Bobby Dodd Stadium was built in 1913 with funds entirely collected by students. This is the oldest on-campus NCAA Division 2 football stadium.

Younger to the Field

You will sometimes read that Atlanta has little in the way of fan-participation. But we disagree. Atlanta is still young in the sports world. Compared to the Chicago Bears who came on the scene in 1870 and The New York Knicks and California’s San Francisco’s 49ers from the mid-1940’s, Atlanta is in infancy.

Sports writers like to criticise Atlanta for the “lack of fan participation.”  While the fans would disagree there is a point the writer should take into consideration. When it comes to sports, Atlanta is the newest kid on the block. Emerging in the mid-1960s Atlanta is making great progress in emerging into pro sports.

Do not believe everything you read. Sports writers are quick to kick but the citizens and fan-base of Atlanta kicks back. They go to the games and fill the stadiums over and over again. They are a proud city and support their teams.

The Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves are the golden child of the city. They joined the National League in 1876. They are not to be confused with Boston and Milwaukee who used the Braves name from 1871 through 1966.

The Atlanta Braves hold several championship titles and even hole a World Series win. No Atlanta fan misses these competitions and they make sure the Braves feel the love.

2018 College Football Playoff National Championship

Atlanta is gearing up and getting ready for the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship. The excitement is in the air and you can bet the fans will be there in droves!

The city of Atlanta refuses to let naysayers dampen their spirit. The city is growing, thriving, and alive with sportsmanship. When a team takes the field in Atlanta, they feel the electricity surging through their fans and they know, they are in the right place. But, don’t take our word for it. Come to Atlanta and see for yourself.

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