Join with the Hecht Walker Family to Make a Difference in the Lives of Our Most Vulnerable Children

Posted by Hecht Walker, P.C.
Posted on October 16, 2017

Greg and Cheri Hecht and the team at Hecht Walker, P.C. are happy to announce our first Annual Giving Challenge with a Matching Grant of $10,000 to Children’s Rights, Inc. a non-profit organization. Greg, Cheri, and Hecht Walker, P.C. will match every dollar donated to Children’s Rights, Inc. up to $10,000 between now and #GivingTuesday on November 28th.

Children’s Rights is setting up a Southeastern Headquarters in Atlanta to protect children from abuse and neglect through advocacy and legal work. All of us believe in making this country a place where all children – especially the most vulnerable among them – are safe and healthy. Children’s Rights, Inc. has helped protect over 100,000 children from abuse and neglect through its legal work. Children’s Rights enforces the Constitutional, State and Federal Rights of children, to be free from abuse and neglect, in state custody or supervision. Your contributions will go toward this work to protect Children in Georgia and throughout the South. We need your help to make this Southeastern office a vibrant center of protection for children in foster care and other state and federal oversight programs.

Many of you joined us a couple of weeks ago in Atlanta for a Conversation with Children’s Rights to hear the both horrible and heartwarming story of Edgar C. Edgar survived five years in a group home to make it out on a scholarship to Syracuse University. His younger brother was separated from him in the system and was traumatized through 40 different foster care placements and not surprisingly is now in prison. Unfortunately, less than 40% of children in foster care graduate high school, and the majority, suffer severe trauma and stress in the system.

Cheri and I are blessed to have adopted twin girls who started their lives in foster care, and we are so impressed with the compassion, commitment and great legal work of Children’s Rights to protect vulnerable children. Children’s Rights helps children in Atlanta, the Southeast and across the nation.  We invite you to join us in supporting the organization’s efforts in our region as we strive to transform the child welfare systems that care for America’s children. To double your donation, type or copy and paste “Matched by Hecht Walker” in the donation comments section as you make your donation.

All contributions made will allow CR to expand its work in the Southeast region.

Then, to help us spread the word, post and share that you have made a donation:

@childrensrights        #shinealight

Thank you and God bless you and your family. We are grateful for your teamwork and contribution to this important cause.

Best BBQ in Atlanta

Posted by Hecht Walker, P.C.
Posted on November 17, 2013

People often comment that folks down south walk at a slower pace. Maybe that is why Atlanta is home to the best barbeque in the south. Cooking the best barbeque takes a long time. The meat is slow roasted until it is tender and falls off the bone. The meat has a delightfully smoky taste. The sauce is added to the pork before you eat it. Use your favorite sauce for a personal touch.

Every year Atlanta, GA hosts a 2-day BBQ cooking contest. The pitmasters from all over merge on the city for the tasty event. This means mediocre is not acceptable. People expect perfect BBQ and the locals do not disappoint you.

We have traveled the area and tasted the goods and we are here to report our favorites. It was a tough job, but we gave it our all.

Fox Brothers

One bite of the BBQ served here and you are hooked for life. They serve delicious pulled pork, fall off the bone ribs. They also have great chicken fried ribs and homemade mac-n-cheese. The building is nothing fancy, but the food is excellent.

Fat Matt’s Rib Shack

Wonderful smoky and saucy barbecue with made from scratch sides. The rum baked beans and brisket chili are favorites. Enjoy old style BBQ with all the fixings at a great price. Plus, they have a variety of craft beer.

The Smoke Ring

This is southern comfort food at its best. Barbeque, ribs, and homemade sides. Jalapeno cornbread, fried, green tomatoes, potato salad and more, all homemade every day. This is BBQ heaven.

Ria’s Bluebird

This is a rare place and they have a rare menu to match. Try brisket with pancakes, or old-fashioned biscuits and gravy. The selections may sound odd, but they just might rock your taste buds.

Bone Lick BBQ

The BBQ is fantastic and it helps flavor the side dishes. Their pork-n-pork-n-beans are delicious with just the right amount of pork added for flavor. They also make hot pork rinds, which are a delicacy in the south. The BLT is made with pork belly. This is one of the newer BBQ spots in Atlanta, but they are a wonderful addition.

Daddy D’z BBQ Joynt

Do not let the looks of the restaurant sway you. This little run-down spot serves award-winning BBQ and ribs. The meat plate includes Smokey Polish Sausage and slow cooked chicken and bite-size Q wraps. (Bite-sized BBQ wrapped in bits of dough and deep fried. You will never get enough!

Sweet Auburn BBQ

Sweet Auburn BBQ serves traditional pork BBQ and ribs but we had to mention their Korean BBQ.  That little extra feature put Sweet Auburn on the radar for the best barbecue.

This is just a tiny portion of the barbeque places in Atlanta. The styles may be different and the sauces will be unique. Every pit boss has his secrets to make his barbeque a little bit better than the rest. If it takes judges two days to taste all the BBQ in the region, This healthy competition means the flavor of great BBQ for all of us.

Breakfast Spots In Atlanta

Posted by Hecht Walker, P.C.
Posted on November 16, 2013

When you visit the south, you expect certain things. Among them are friendly folks, country music, and good food. In the south, this hospitality starts when the sun comes up. The restaurants that serve breakfast have to get an early start to bake the biscuits, cook the grits, and fry up the bacon. We will show you some of the best places in town to enjoy a country breakfast or even just a good cup of coffee to begin your day. Here are some of our favorites.

The Silver Skillet

Walking into The Silver Skillet is like walking into a time machine. You are suddenly in 1950. This cozy restaurant is sunny and bright and the staff is friendly. Don’t be alarmed if the staff calls you “Honey,” and if they you ask for tea, it will be sweet tea unless you ask otherwise.

Home style biscuits, hotcakes, gravy, eggs, and all the meats. This is our top choice.

The Original Pancake House

This chain began in 1953 in Oregon (but we won’t hold that against them) and they have the prize with pancakes. They serve every variation and every style known to man. From hot and fluffy pancakes to crepes and potato pancakes, they serve them all. Topped with berries, honey, syrup or cinnamon, and powdered sugar, whatever you like. Get creative and have courage or order eggs.


Get there early. This place is always crowded. They serve the best coffee in town, supplied by a local roasting company. They serve good old American food. It is fresh, hot, and delicious. Expect a lot of students and if you are in a rush, you might want to try somewhere else. This is one of the best breakfast joints in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sun In My Belly

Yes, only in the south does someone name their restaurant Sun In My Belly. This place walks at a slower pace and it is not as crowded. It is well worth the time to find it. Their spicy honey-glazed bacon and cheesy potatoes are the best you will ever eat. This is good home cooking.

West Egg Cafe

Are you one of those people who love breakfast so much you can eat it for any meal? This is the place for you. Cute and modern, this is a great place to meet your friends for breakfast. They have special touches like spiced honey for hot cakes and breakfast served around the clock. This is more trendy than our other top picks but it fits in well with our “best of” list.

The Red-Eyed Mule

Even I do not know what is up with this name. But I do know one thing, this is the place for a flaky, melt in your mouth, southern biscuit. Order a plate of them filled with the meats, eggs, cheeses, and toppings of your choice. Take some home. This is like grandma used to make breakfast.

This is a good start on the fine breakfast shops in Atlanta. There are more. The thing is, once you try one you always want to come back. Give the others a chance you may discover your southern comfort food is being served up right now.

Businesses That Call Atlanta Home

Posted by Hecht Walker, P.C.
Posted on November 15, 2013

Atlanta, GA is one of our countries greatest accomplishments. The city boasts one of the busiest airports in the country. The area is home to a thriving blue-collar population, making it easier to find people to employ. The education that is available means more qualified applicants. Add to the lower cost to do business there and you have a recipe for success.

United Parcel Service (UPS) uses Atlanta as a major shipping center. The shipping giant has a  regional shipping hub that is housed in a 1.2 million acre facility. This makes the area more attractive to manufacturers.

Atlanta is a world-city due to the multicultural citizens and business in the area. There are 34 bi-national Chambers of Commerce in Atlanta and 81, consulates and trade offices. The ease of getting through the government requirements to establish a company is made easier with this many agencies in the city.


Technology giants such as Arris International and NCR Corporation are in Atlanta. Technology therefore is always cutting edge. There are many other businesses in the field of technology. In fact, there are thousands. Almost 2-million people in Atlanta are employed in some aspect of the technology field.

Big business has long had its finger on the pulse of Atlanta. Below is a partial list of companies who use Atlanta as their headquarters:

  • CNN
  • Coca-Cola Company
  • Coca-Cola European Partners
  • The Home Depot
  • United Parcel Service (U.P.S.)
  • Delta Airlines, Inc.
  • Suntrust Banks
  • Newell Brands
  • Equifax
  • Aarons, Inc.
  • Intercontinental Exchange Inc.
  • The Southern Company
  • Genuine Parts Company
  • First Data Corporation
  • D. Supply Holdings Incorporated
  • Global Payments Incorporated
  • Carter’s Incorporated
  • First Data Corporation
  • Aflac Incorporated
  • Mohawk Industries
  • West Rock (former Rock-Tenn Company)
  • Newell Rubbermaid, Inc.
  • Acuity Brands, Inc.
  • BlueLinx Holdings Inc.
  • Ocwen Financial Corporation
  • AGL Resources

Atlanta is home to thousands of companies and businesses. 16 of these companies are Fortune 500 companies and 9 are Fortune 1000 companies.


Most people do not associate automobile manufacturing as part of Atlanta’s commerce, but it is.

Atlanta is home to Asbury Automotive Group, Incorporated, the largest automotive retailer in the United States. Atlanta is also home to German automobile maker, Mercedes Benz/Daimler


Americans love sports. Their love for sports turns into big money. Games, clothing, sports equipment, are just part of the story. Sports draw people from all over. These people will stay in Atlanta for the event. This means other businesses will benefit from the influx. This includes the hotel industry, fuel companies, restaurants, and retail across the city.

Atlanta is home to 5 major professional sports franchises. They are:

  • Atlanta Braves
  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Atlanta Dream
  • Atlanta United FC

In 2017, the Lacrosse team Atlanta Blaze will be added to the mix, calling the Mercedes-Benz Stadium home.

Atlanta is a city filled with heavy hitters in commerce. Some people credit the educational system that has put so much effort into the leadership of future business leaders. Yet another Atlanta business should be mentioned in this light. The Atlanta Partnership Of Business and Education, Incorporated represents this concept. One thing that is certain, Atlanta is a major commerce city and the future of Georgia is bright.

Professional Sports In Atlanta

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Posted on November 14, 2013

Atlanta, GA is home to many sports teams and a city full of sports fans. The world of sports is an on-going and thriving industry and there is no end in sight. The city of Atlanta is home to 6 major team sports, professional franchises. They include:

Baseball (major league)

  • The Atlanta Braves

The NBA (National Football League male and female)

  • Atlanta Hawks, men

The NFL (National Football League male and female)

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Atlanta Dreams, women

Major League Soccer

  • Atlanta United FC
  • Atlanta Blaze, a professional lacrosse team

Other areas include:

  • NASCAR; The Atlanta Motor Speedway
  • Championship PGA Tour
  • World Championship Wrestling
  • Atlanta Blaze, pro lacrosse team

The city of Atlanta always has a open door policy for sporting events. Visitors are treated well as the city ensures they are safe and that the events are convenient, and there are plenty of wonderful accommodations. Annual events include the Peachtree Bowl and the Peachtree Roadrace.

Note: The Bobby Dodd Stadium was built in 1913 with funds entirely collected by students. This is the oldest on-campus NCAA Division 2 football stadium.

Younger to the Field

You will sometimes read that Atlanta has little in the way of fan-participation. But we disagree. Atlanta is still young in the sports world. Compared to the Chicago Bears who came on the scene in 1870 and The New York Knicks and California’s San Francisco’s 49ers from the mid-1940’s, Atlanta is in infancy.

Sports writers like to criticise Atlanta for the “lack of fan participation.”  While the fans would disagree there is a point the writer should take into consideration. When it comes to sports, Atlanta is the newest kid on the block. Emerging in the mid-1960s Atlanta is making great progress in emerging into pro sports.

Do not believe everything you read. Sports writers are quick to kick but the citizens and fan-base of Atlanta kicks back. They go to the games and fill the stadiums over and over again. They are a proud city and support their teams.

The Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves are the golden child of the city. They joined the National League in 1876. They are not to be confused with Boston and Milwaukee who used the Braves name from 1871 through 1966.

The Atlanta Braves hold several championship titles and even hole a World Series win. No Atlanta fan misses these competitions and they make sure the Braves feel the love.

2018 College Football Playoff National Championship

Atlanta is gearing up and getting ready for the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship. The excitement is in the air and you can bet the fans will be there in droves!

The city of Atlanta refuses to let naysayers dampen their spirit. The city is growing, thriving, and alive with sportsmanship. When a team takes the field in Atlanta, they feel the electricity surging through their fans and they know, they are in the right place. But, don’t take our word for it. Come to Atlanta and see for yourself.

The Best Wings In Atlanta

Posted by Hecht Walker, P.C.
Posted on November 13, 2013

Everybody loves wings. This is one food that you will find in almost every region. They are served in so many ways that you are sure to find a favorite. Restaurants who specialize in wings will have a ton of flavors to offer. Sauces range from mild to hot and then to “my mouth is on fire.” There are fried wings that are coated in crispy crusts. Baked wings are often used with dipping sauces like ranch, garlic, marinara, and barbeque. They are often served with crisp, cold carrot and celery sticks. Below we will feature some favorite wing places in the city of Atlanta.

Jack’s Pizza & Wings

This is the place to go late night in Atlanta. Pizza and beer and a huge selection of wings. This is the kind of place you will hit after the big game or a few drinks at the club.


Okay, this is a taco stand. But do not let that hold you back. Minero’s serves up some great wings. They are slow cooked over charcoal and the skin is just crispy enough. Then they are doused with Valentina hot sauce. The first bite will be an eye-opener and after that, you will feast on the greatest wings.

Nam Phuong

Ready for something completely different? Head over to Nam Phuong. You will need to have a sense of adventure and courage. The wings here are marinated in fish sauce for a truly Asian influence. Then they are fried until crisp and tossed with sweet and sour sauce with red chilis. To tame the flavor, they are served with steamed rice and cucumbers. This is an amazing way to eat wings.

The Wing Bar

This is a very small place and most of the wings are ordered to go. You can buy 10, 20, 30, or 40 wings and they will make them while you wait if you are a walk in. They have a huge variety of sauces and you can order more your wings with as many different sauces you want.

Cypress Street Pint & Plate

Cypress Street Pint & Plate is a great place to hang with friends and enjoy American foods such as burgers and wings. This place stays busy and it a popular hang-out. It can get loud. This is not the place to go for a quiet little dinner. This is a place to go to have fun and some really good food. They have great craft beer and an outdoor patio where the party crowd seems to migrate toward.

Wing Factory

American food is served here. They serve sandwiches which are good, but they are known for and have extraordinary wings, They are meaty and prepared to order. They have a wide choice of flavors. This is a great neighborhood wing spot.

Fork In The Road

This is the place for traditional American food. The wings are great here. The atmosphere is trendy and modern. They serve unusual foods like zucchini fries and shrimp alfredo. Try the different appetizers but make room for wings. They give you a huge portion and you will want to finish every last bite.