Breakfast Spots In Atlanta

Posted by Hecht Walker, P.C.
Posted on November 16, 2013

When you visit the south, you expect certain things. Among them are friendly folks, country music, and good food. In the south, this hospitality starts when the sun comes up. The restaurants that serve breakfast have to get an early start to bake the biscuits, cook the grits, and fry up the bacon. We will show you some of the best places in town to enjoy a country breakfast or even just a good cup of coffee to begin your day. Here are some of our favorites.

The Silver Skillet

Walking into The Silver Skillet is like walking into a time machine. You are suddenly in 1950. This cozy restaurant is sunny and bright and the staff is friendly. Don’t be alarmed if the staff calls you “Honey,” and if they you ask for tea, it will be sweet tea unless you ask otherwise.

Home style biscuits, hotcakes, gravy, eggs, and all the meats. This is our top choice.

The Original Pancake House

This chain began in 1953 in Oregon (but we won’t hold that against them) and they have the prize with pancakes. They serve every variation and every style known to man. From hot and fluffy pancakes to crepes and potato pancakes, they serve them all. Topped with berries, honey, syrup or cinnamon, and powdered sugar, whatever you like. Get creative and have courage or order eggs.


Get there early. This place is always crowded. They serve the best coffee in town, supplied by a local roasting company. They serve good old American food. It is fresh, hot, and delicious. Expect a lot of students and if you are in a rush, you might want to try somewhere else. This is one of the best breakfast joints in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sun In My Belly

Yes, only in the south does someone name their restaurant Sun In My Belly. This place walks at a slower pace and it is not as crowded. It is well worth the time to find it. Their spicy honey-glazed bacon and cheesy potatoes are the best you will ever eat. This is good home cooking.

West Egg Cafe

Are you one of those people who love breakfast so much you can eat it for any meal? This is the place for you. Cute and modern, this is a great place to meet your friends for breakfast. They have special touches like spiced honey for hot cakes and breakfast served around the clock. This is more trendy than our other top picks but it fits in well with our “best of” list.

The Red-Eyed Mule

Even I do not know what is up with this name. But I do know one thing, this is the place for a flaky, melt in your mouth, southern biscuit. Order a plate of them filled with the meats, eggs, cheeses, and toppings of your choice. Take some home. This is like grandma used to make breakfast.

This is a good start on the fine breakfast shops in Atlanta. There are more. The thing is, once you try one you always want to come back. Give the others a chance you may discover your southern comfort food is being served up right now.

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